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(English) Announcing Guitars for Vets: Play Your Part 2017

avril 26, 2017

(English) VETS Canada and the Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) Announce a National Partnership

mars 30, 2017

(English) Guitars for Vets Launches Online Guitar Auction, Including Guitars Signed by Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt

mars 28, 2017

(English) Guitar for Vets Canada Receives 85 Guitars!

mars 19, 2017

(English) VETS Canada: In Her Boots – a Monumental Success!

mars 04, 2017

(English) VETS Canada at the Coldest Night of the Year 2017

mars 03, 2017

(English) VETS Canada Will be Searching for Homeless Female Veterans From Coast to Coast During VETS Canada: In Her Boots

fvr. 17, 2017

(English) Boots on the Ground in Halifax with Honorary Colonel (2011- 2015) Barb Stegemann

fvr. 04, 2017

(English) Success Stories – Ottawa

janv. 31, 2017

(English) VETS Canada Welcomes New Executive Director

janv. 16, 2017

(English) VETS Canada Featured in the Toronto Star

dc. 29, 2016

(English) Assistance Provided Just in Time For Christmas

dc. 26, 2016

(English) VETS Canada Happy to Assist Single Mom Awaiting Pension

dc. 24, 2016

(English) VETS Canada Surpasses Fundraising Goal for Veteran Moms at Christmas

dc. 23, 2016

(English) VETS Canada Addresses the Root Causes of Homelessness with CBC’s Murray Brewster

dc. 11, 2016

(English) VETS Canada’s First Annual Operation Holiday Helping Hands – A Great Success!

dc. 11, 2016

(English) VETS Canada’s NS Field Operations Manager on CTV Atlantic with Marie Adsett

dc. 10, 2016

(English) Thank you to RCL Branch 480 and General Walter Natynczyk

nov. 22, 2016

(English) VETS Canada President & Founder Jim Lowther on CTV’s Power Play with Mercedes Stephenson

nov. 14, 2016

(English) Paying it Forward – A True Success Story

nov. 06, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” in Calgary

nov. 06, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” in Halifax

nov. 06, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” in Ottawa

nov. 06, 2016

(English) Guitars for Vets Canada has launched a GoFundMe Campaign!

nov. 03, 2016

(English) Team Kingston puts Boots on the Ground

oct. 03, 2016

(English) Nine year old boy donates birthday money to VETS Canada

oct. 02, 2016

(English) VETS Canada chosen as Canadian charity to be supported by Alpha Delta Phi fraternity

aot 13, 2016

(English) Free haircuts for Veterans!

aot 01, 2016

(English) VETS Canada Chair/Co-founder Awarded Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

juil. 25, 2016

(English) Sharing information in Winnipeg

juil. 24, 2016

(English) VETS Canada’s team leads recognized as “Halifax Heroes”

juil. 18, 2016

(English) 2016 Tour of Duty was a great success

juin 12, 2016

(English) 2016 Tour of Duty meeting points announced

mai 25, 2016

(English) Co-founder Debbie Lowther on The Charles Adler Show on Sirius XM Radio

mai 18, 2016

(English) St. John’s, Halifax and Toronto put Boots on the Ground

mai 15, 2016

(English) Edmonton Team participates in Homeless Connect

mai 15, 2016

(English) Winnipeg and Ottawa teams put Boots on the Ground

mai 14, 2016

(English) VETS Canada on Global 16×9

avril 23, 2016

(English) Introducing VETS Canada’s e-bulletin: Bravo Zulu

avril 01, 2016

(English) Providing the gift of hearing

mars 31, 2016

(English) Newfoundland team volunteers honoured in Newfoundland House of Assembly

mars 23, 2016

(English) HOPE for Ottawa’s Homeless Veterans

mars 21, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” searches for homeless Veterans in Edmonton

mars 14, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” in Edmonton

mars 13, 2016

(English) 630 CHED Afternoon News: Searching for homeless Veterans in Edmonton

mars 13, 2016

(English) Homeless veterans in Ottawa get helping hand

mars 10, 2016

(English) “Boots on the Ground” walk featured on CBC

fvr. 29, 2016

(English) VETS Canada President/CEO, Jim Lowther on CTV

fvr. 28, 2016

(English) VETS Canada Volunteers Conduct “Boots on the Ground” Walk in Halifax

fvr. 27, 2016

(English) Jim and Debbie Lowther talk about upcoming “Boots on the Ground” walk on Hot Country 103.5

fvr. 25, 2016

Deuxième réunion annuelle des Militaires et des Anciens Familles Canadiennes du Cercle du Leadership

fvr. 01, 2016

Bienvenue à bord le vice-amiral Lynn G. Mason

fvr. 01, 2016

(English) 2250 Homeless Veterans on the streets according to a recent study, VETS Canada reacts to those numbers

janv. 09, 2016

No Soldier Left Behind…

dc. 06, 2015

Guitars for Vets featured on CTV Morning Live

nov. 11, 2015

Sydney Garrison Donates to VETS Canada

nov. 10, 2015

VETS Canada is happy to be partnered with the RCMP

nov. 10, 2015

2nd Annual 24 Hour Vigil for Veterans

nov. 08, 2015

VETS Canada – A Year in Review

oct. 02, 2015

THANK YOU to the Brant Artillery Gunners Club!

sept. 18, 2015

VETS Canada partners with Sounds Creative to promote guitar donations for veterans

sept. 09, 2015

VETS Canada President Awarded Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

juil. 31, 2015

VETS Canada partners with Value Village

juil. 10, 2015

Guitars for Vets Canada goes National with Long & McQuade and Dempster!

juin 08, 2015

Mental Health First Aid

mai 09, 2015

VETS Canada is happy to announce a partnership with The Royal Canadian Legion

mai 05, 2015

Lieutenant-General Walter Semianiw Joins VETS Canada

mars 30, 2015