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Content Chief enjoying a harbour view


Chief Angus Young

The Situation

Our client spent 40 years in the Royal Canadian Navy serving his country. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer Second Class (CPO2) in Ottawa, our nations capital, but missed the familiar smell of salt water and the great memories he had of his service. Last year, he moved back to Halifax NS.

A lot has happened over the last year some good, some bad. Our client found himself couch surfing and visiting shelters like a number of other Canadian Veterans. During this challenging period, he visited CFB Halifax. The old Chief decided to check himself into a room at Juno Tower on the Base. To him, it felt good to be around familiar surroundings. He spent the next week living like he did when he was in the Navy, going to the mess hall to eat and being around people that understood him.

He was still in a bad way, crying out for help in his own way by going to events he wasn’t invited to. He was trying to get the attention and help he needed. He even hung around the Base Commanders residence, (Stadacona) and that’s where this story gets started.

The Base Commanders wife noticed the old Chief and was concerned, she called the MP’s to check up on him. They went to the call and talked to him to make sure everything was ok. The MP’s respected the old Chief and only left when they new he wasn’t in harms way.

How We Helped

VETS Canada president, Jim Lowther, received a call from an old friend who was still serving at CFB Halifax. He advised Jim of the situation at Juno Towers hoping that VETS Canada might be in a position to assist. Jim went to meet with the old Chief to do an assessment and devise a care plan.

Jim engaged members of the Nova Scotia team of VETS Canada who immediately set to work finding our client a safe place to stay. He was initially housed temporarily before being moved into a furnished studio apartment. VETS Canada provided first month’s rent and damage deposit and connected him to some other community resources. VETS Canada also provided him with a donated cell phone that they loaded with “pay as you go” minutes so that they could stay connected with him.

The Outcome

Our client remains in his apartment where he is very content with its wonderful view of the Halifax Harbour. VETS Canada volunteers continue to check in on him.