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The Situation

Our client served five years in Canada’s military, including overseas deployments to Bosnia and Cambodia. While he initially had a somewhat successful transition from military to civilian life, he eventually had a psychotic episode which sadly, cost him his job. Without stable employment, he was unable to maintain housing for himself, his wife, and their three children. They were forced to relocate to a tiny bachelor apartment but were evicted once the landlord realized it was home to a family of five. The situation deteriorated to the point where the family took refuge in a commercial storage unit until they were were evicted by law enforcement.
This caused our client and his wife to send the children to live with friends, while he and his wife were forced to live on the street, where he was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia.

How We Helped

VETS Canada was contacted by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to provide emergency assistance and shelter. We also assisted our client with applications to secure a disability pension and provincial social service assistance. In the meantime our client’s wife secured employment, and the family was able to locate a suitable an apartment, where VETS Canada assisted by paying the first month’s rent and damage deposit. VETS Canada also purchased new mattresses for the family.

The Outcome

Our client still struggles with his mental health issues, but having a stable environment, a financial safety net, and a living situation with his family altogether under one roof gives them hope for a brighter future.