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Foreclosure Averted at the Last Minute


The Situation:

This Veteran served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 35 years before being medically released. He is a married father of four children. Upon retirement, this Veteran experienced a lengthy delay in receiving his military pension which, being a single income family, had a big impact on his ability to keep up with his financial obligations. Before long a foreclosure notice arrived. The Veteran attempted to rectify the situation by obtaining a new mortgage through a high interest, “bad credit” mortgage lender. Unfortunately, this fell through at the last minute.

How we helped:

By the time VETS Canada was made aware of this Veteran’s situation there were only eight days to spare before the Sheriff arrived on the Veteran’s doorstep to enforce the foreclosure. A conference call was held with VETS Canada, Veterans Affairs Canada and the Joint Personnel Support Unit, a unit of the CAF tasked with providing administrative support and programs to ill or injured CAF members of the Regular and Reserve Force. The purpose of the call was to determine the best course of action to locate new housing for this family and to arrange moving and storage. VETS Canada was set to take the lead and agreed to paying for the move as well as first month’s rent and security deposit. The goal was to make this process as painless as possible for this Veteran and his family with limited disruptions to the children’s schooling. After the teleconference, our Director of Operations, Julie Bibby, expressed concerns that we hadn’t done everything possible to prevent the foreclosure. Not really expecting a favourable outcome but wanting to exhaust all possibilities, Julie contacted the lawyer who was representing the bank in the foreclosure and pleaded the case. Unbelievably, the lawyer’s response was that “not on his watch” would a Veteran who had dedicated his entire adult life to serving his country be on the streets. He did what he had to do on his end and made some arrangements with the Veteran in order to have an extension granted.

The outcome:

With a bit of time on his side, the Veteran began to receive his pension and was able to get his finances back in order and the bank offered to renew his mortgage at a rate he could afford. This Veteran and his family remain in their home.