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VETS Canada’s Ottawa Team Hits the Streets

On Saturday, 05 December 2015, the Ottawa Team of VETS Canada took to the streets in search of veterans who may require some assistance.  Our group consisted of 13 dedicated volunteers who were very happy to be joined by CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson, CTV’s Annie Bergeron-Oliver and BGen Guy Chapdelaine, Chaplain General or the Canadian Armed Forces.  The group had the opportunity to talk to many veterans whom they will maintain contact with, hoping those veterans will make the decision to leave the streets.  They did mange to get a 37 year veteran of the RCMP off the streets.  VETS Canada took him from the shelter to a hotel for a warm bath and a hot meal.  The next step is to secure housing for this veteran and link him to needed services.  It was a great day and you can watch CTV’s coverage here.