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From Living in a Car to a New Life in 25 Days!


The Situation

This Veteran had been struggling and used his last bit of money to relocate to a new area where he had secured employment with Bombardier but just before he could fully get back on his feet, he was the victim of the Bombardier layoffs. He ended up living in his car.

How We Helped

This Veteran had reached out to “Helmets to Hardhats” who were unable to assist him but thankfully they referred him to VETS Canada. The Veteran was immediately moved from his car into temporary accommodations. We reached out to a company that we had partnered with who was interested in hiring Veterans with experience in avionics and asked them to grant the Veteran an interview. He was successful in getting the job and we assisted him in finding a new apartment close to his new job and paid his first month’s rent and security deposit.

The Outcome

Twenty five days from the day this Veteran reached out to us he was employed, housed and enjoying his new job.