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VETS Canada Happy to Assist Single Mom Awaiting Pension



Pamela McArthur served our Country honourably until she was medically released because of service related injuries and her transition to civilian life has been a struggle. Since her release date on 24 October 2016 she has been without an income; no severance pay, no pension, no disability benefits. As someone who, as a single mom, was already living paycheque to paycheque this left her in quite a bind. While living on her credit cards, Pamela learned about VETS Canada and reached out for help and we were happy to provide it. We have been able to provide assistance with groceries and past due bills.  On 16 December Pamela shared her story with CBC’s Murray Brewster and as a result, things started to improve so Mr. Brewster did a follow up story that you can read here.

Photo credit:Pamela McArthur