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Foreclosure Prevented While Awaiting DND Pension


The Situation

This Veteran served for just over ten years and had an Afghanistan tour under his belt but unfortunately that tour left him with PTSD and Depression and he was medically released from the military.  He was told that it would take 4-6 weeks to receive his DND pension and SISIP top up.  This was going to be tough as they were a single income family but they worked with their bank who agreed to defer a mortgage payment so they thought they would be okay.  When four weeks and then six weeks came and went the Veteran called to check on the status of his pension and he was told it would probably take another four months, he was also told that until his pension was released, he couldn’t receive SISIP.  Now what?  Thankfully someone told this family about VETS Canada!

How We Helped

VETS Canada assisted the Veteran and his family with mortgage payments and grocery cards to alleviate the financial burden so they could focus on advocating for themselves toward a speedy resolution to their problem.

The Outcome

The Veteran finally received his pension and the family is slowly getting back on track.  He has stated that VETS Canada was the only organization to help them out and they are extremely grateful.  He uses art as therapy for his PTSD and Depression and as an expression of gratitude he painted the above piece of artwork and incorporated our logo.