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VETS Canada Receives $30,000 Donation from Hodgson Family Foundation


VETS Canada is thrilled to have recently connected with the Hodgson family of Edmonton; one of the most kind and generous families you could ever hope to meet.

In June of 2018, drag racer/business man Ryan Hodgson (son of legendary drag racer Ron Hodgson) joined our Edmonton team for the Third Annual Tour of Duty. As the father of a relatively new member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Ryan was moved by our mission to help in-crisis and homeless Veterans, and wanted to learn more. After attending the Tour, Ryan was left with a desire to get even more involved – which is when he invited VETS Canada to attend the Rocky Mountain National Races in Edmonton from 13-15 July.

The weekend was an amazing experience; not only did the Hodgson family donate hundreds of dollars worth of promo gear to VETS Canada to be sold at our information booth, they also wore VETS Canada t-shirts and featured the VETS Canada logo on the hood of their car! What a way to raise awareness of our program!

The most emotional part of the adventure was when the Hodgson family presented the VETS Canada team with a cheque for $30,000; volunteers were left speechless by this amazing gesture of support. The Hodgson’s wish was not to receive any type of recognition, but simply to help even more Veterans in need.

Moving forward, VETS Canada is so proud to call the Hodgson’s a valued partnered; we are honoured that they are now part of the VETS Canada family.