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In Their Own Words; Jake



VETS Canada heard my plea for help and you saved my life with your efforts and ensured my family will continue to have a roof over their heads. You do not get half the recognition you deserve. You work quietly and efficiently to aid vets in distress and don’t ask for any more than a kind word when all is said and done. Any vet who has fallen on hard times should be informed of your outstanding organization and I am sure they would also be amazed at the tireless effort you put forth on their behalf.

Once again I cannot express how much VETS Canada has done to save my family at a time when it appeared that kind words and platitudes were all most other organizations claiming to be there to support veterans in need. Your care and compassion for my situation made it easier for me to plea for help  when I am so use to being the one to answer the call of someone in distress.

All I can say is thank God there are people such as VETS Canada as I had all but given up hope until you worked your magic and saved me from taking drastic action.

I would recommend contacting VETS Canada to any of my service comrades who are in trouble and looking for someone who can help in an understanding compassionate and no judgemental way.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Names have been changed for privacy purposes