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In Their Own Words; Ray


I want to take a minute to thank you for making me aware of this program and helping me with the application process. When we first met, I was unsure of where I was going.I have been on the VOC rehab program and was having a difficult time dealing with PTSD and the stigma attached to it. It was like I was afraid to communicate with anyone and would just avoid people in general. You changed all that for me. You did not judge and made me feel very comfortable to talk about programs available to me thru VA. I felt like I was off track with no direction and you changed all that for me.

I am slowly getting all the paperwork completed and the future is looking better. I am seeing my doctor on a more regular basis and most important of all, I am looking after me!! I really don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met you. Your knowledge of the programs available to vets like myself has really changed everything for me and my family. Your passion towards your work has been remarkable in giving me confidence that everything will be okay. I would never have know that all these resources are available to me.

Thanks again so much!!